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Jim Noir

Finnish Line (Download)


Release Date: 03/11/2014

'I wrote this album over 3 weeks in an old decaying mill in Ancoats, Manchester. Out of the window, all that can be seen now are the memories of a time when this area would have been buzzing with workers occupying all the various foundries and cotton mills. The Victorian terraces were torn down in the 60'€™s and now the houses that replaced them are themselves being torn down. The room I sit in recording this music has been here for over 100 years, and will stand here for longer yet. Even when the things around it change, the building still stands, as a testament to the age that started it' - Jim Noir

The Ancoats Dream 2:55 £0.79
Strange Range 2:33 £0.79
The Broadway Jets 2:22 £0.79
Make Me Do It Again 3:01 £0.79
Out From Within 2:44 £0.79
Honour & Moogswings 3:30 £0.79
Newquay 2:16 £0.79
Piece of Mind 2:36 £0.79
The Boy 2:32 £0.79
Come And See 2:03 £0.79
Please Remember 2:26 £0.79
Stone Cold Room 3:48 £0.79